Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Question Of The Week - Secrets

Do you read PostSecret? It's basically the best blog out there, next to this one. Updates come every Sunday. Or, Saturday night at midnight.

(Depending on who are you......out living it up dancing at some fabulous club or dorking around at home playing the '99 edition of Trivial Pursuit with your husband while your kids sleep.)

Either way, it's awesome. People all over the world send in postcards revealing the darkest of truths. Some are humorous. Some are scathing. Some are downright sad.

I suppose the comfort lies in that you're not alone in "your" secret if someone out there has the same. Or, something worse that could make yours seem less tragic. Perhaps you read for fun or entertainment. There is something for everyone.

So, I thought we'd do our own version here. Tell your secret or someone else's. No names. No connections. We'll never know who wrote what. Simply reveal something.

Use the form below to remain anonymous or leave an anonymous comment or email me and I won't reveal who you are. I'll throw in one or two of my own as well.

OK, play fair ladies! Keep it clean and let's have some fun.

I'll post the secrets tomorrow!


Brittny said...

have you had any secrets yet?

Brittny said...

oh, which base is near you? is it air force?

starnes family said...

Yep, some good ones, too. The base near us is Pendleton. I believe it's mostly Marines.

Kelly Beatty said...

I went to the website. It is weird. And they call it art. Which to me, is stooopid. BUT, I am a fan of disturbing information and knowing other people's business. So, bring on the secrets!

Kim said...

Interesting! I will have to check it out!

Shannon said...

I must live in a bubble because I thought everybody had heard of Post Secret by now. Can't wait to read the secrets when you post them!

Brittny said...

yeah, can't get to that one. i think vandenburg is closer to you? it's next to santa barbara i think. is it weird that i'm not commenting on what this post is about and trying to figure out how we can live near each other?

starnes family said...

Not to me, Brittny! Are yall moving out here? Email me!



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