Monday, July 30, 2012

Orange Beach Days 1 and 2

After driving to Alabama, we made it to the Bowlin family and enjoyed a fun day at the beach.

Kayaks!  Carter took Jack out.

Then, my cousin Tim took Lainey out.  At one point, they were WAY out there.  Tim suggested they might be too far.  Her response, "Go farther!"

That's my girl.

My cousin's youngest, Jackson, in the middle......with Tim's twins, Pierce and Strader buried on each side.

Cleaned up for dinner.  At one point, we noticed that every kid was on an Iphone. 

What did we do before?

Lainey loved the big balcony........floor 19.......with a "cacuzzi".

Had a fabulous dinner of steak and scallops.

Lainey and Angie.  Angie is responsible for Lamby.......she gave it to Jack 6 years ago.  Lainey stole it.

Back to our hotel for sleep and then we headed to the beach again.

Loved the LSU representation!

The twins shared towels with Jack and Lainey.

Ate lunch and then prepared for our sunset cruise.

First, some family pics.

The Starnes family:

Cousin Tim, Aunt Mary, Starnes, twins and Cousin Angie.

Cassie and Tom and their boys had left that morning.  Missed them here. 

With Tim's wife, Aza.

My sweet cousins!  I always love the phrase that your cousins are your first friends.  So true.  

And, my Aunt Mary.  So much like a mother to me.

Back inside, we tried for a pic of the kids.

Lainey made a last minute kitty cameo.

Said goodbye to the Bowlins and Ragans and headed to our to come!