Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas With Caroline and Ryan

Final post from our trip to Dallas last week.....

Sunday included a fun day at Caroline's filled with good food, opening presents, and watching the kids play. The little ones have asked Santa for a kitchen set and so Caroline bought wooden food to cook and play with. I love Melissa and Doug toys and their grocery line is precious. Here is Jack enjoying his burger.

And, to further reinforce our love of all things Christmas Vacation, we gifted a black dickie to Caroline. She gave Blake one 2 years ago. Now, he's searching for a thin white v-neck sweater to complete the Eddie look.

Caroline reminded us that she bought Advent calendars for each child. Minutes later, we turned around to see that Carter had eaten 14 chocolates from his to get caught up. Nice.

Our event was mid-day, but we dressed the part, anyway. Kids in their Christmas pj's and Caroline and me in our matching ones. Why? To annoy Carter. Every year we buy matching sets and wait for his reaction...usually lots of comments about what dorks we are.

Ceason, me, Caroline and her precious boyfriend, Ryan + kids.

Caroline and Ceason.....this picture is for you.....as you know exactly what prompted the laughter.

Starnes family + Caroline and Ryan. No better couple in the world in my opinion. As I always tell Caroline, I never know who got luckier when they found each other.

The girls in gingerbread pj's. Ceason didn't partake in our annoying tradition, but we're hoping to reel her in during future years.

After the celebration at Caroline's, we ventured down the street to the Richardson Civic Center to walk through their super cute Santa's Village.

A couple dozen houses like the one below filled the area....each with its own purpose....a candy store, post office, pet shop, etc.....all completed the village. Long lines trailed out each house. We walked through, but didn't wait for any. Next year, we'll know when to come when it's not as crowded.

And, always fun Caroline wore her pj's.....because it's just so much fun to annoy Carter.

Always grateful for Caroline and Ryan opening up their home to us. We're not the easiest house guests and it takes a lot of work for us to visit. But, we have such a good time with them and cannot wait until next year when we're settled in Kansas City and can welcome them into our home for Christmas!


amy7503 said...

I love that you wore your pajamas out in public! Too fun. Hope you guys are all on the mend and have a very Merry Christmas! XOXO Amy

Coco said...

Love the jammies and you and Caroline are just precious.
Can't wait to meet her.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Thank you and love you lots!