Friday, December 26, 2008

Lots Of Christmas Crammed Into One Post

The sum of several days of Christmas bliss....

Jack, always helping in the kitchen.

Caroline's Gumdrop Tree.

Gingerbread decorating.

So fun with Jack doing so much this year.

The fam before 4:00pm Christmas Eve mass.

Back home. Seriously, Lainey?

And, would it be too much to ask for one picture of you in front of the tree?

Cutie Blake.

A special early Christmas present before bedtime.

A rare picture of Mom and Dad.

Still loving that dress.

My little chef, Jack, helping make GMom's chocolate sheet cake. Turned out pretty good, but next time, I'll bake for a shorter time.

Checking Norad Santa.

Here, he's in Rio de Janeiro. Had already covered the Eastern Hemisphere. Getting close!

Time to make reindeer food.

The boys spreading it on the lawn.

Precious Carter read The Night Before Christmas for the second year in a row.

My boys.

Treats for Santa! And, Clementines for the reindeer.


No carrots or celery in the house. We improvised.

Fast forward 10 hours. Christmas morning!

Paying respect to our future team.

Oh, Lainey. You are a brave girl.

Our 4th bedroom was cleared out for the toddler dream kitchen, born from several rationals. 1. to nurture Jack's love of cooking (and to buy it while he's still interested in such), 2. all little girls that I know of love a play kitchen, 3. Pottery Barn Kids created the most darling chocolate/stainless set and we temporarily lost our minds.

It's a hit already.

Jack working hard using chopsticks from his sushi set. Yep, I'm that crazy.

Kisses from Batman.

Still more toys to go through. Why are there no ornaments on the bottom half of our tree?


michelle matthews said...

How fun! What an awesome Christmas! Great family pic and pic of you and hubby. Your kids are all so precious!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Few things.
Love your sweater.
Great pic of you and Blake..although he does look like he's just humoring you for a picture.
Chiefs, really?
Love the kitchen...wish mine was that nice!

starnes family said...

Yes, he was just humoring me. You nailed that one. He insists it's his smile.

KC = Chiefs. Duh!

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