Thursday, December 04, 2008


A few things to know when talking with Jack:

1. My name is "Case" and recently, "Case-EEE". Never calls me "Mom."
2. Food is called, "cheese". All food, whether it's cheese or not.
3. Please be prepared, at any time, to recite cartoon theme songs on demand. Blues Clues tops the list. Know the mail song and perform with enthusiasm and lots of motion.
4. Carter can become "Char-RER!!!!!" if he's upset. Otherwise, he's "Tar-ter."
5. Lainey is "Mae-ee."
6. Time-out is always followed with an apology, "All-right?", pat on the head, kiss and hug. Time-out typically occurs several times a day. Or, hour.
7. Screaming at the top of his abilities can happen at any time, but almost always in public when trying to impress someone with how well behaved your kids are.
8. Caroline's name, "Awwn", is now used for any woman besides "Case".
9. His absolute favorite movie, "Babe" is called "Cow" and there better be a copy in any working TV and the car.
10. If you see a train, drive within a 2 mile radius of train tracks, hear a train or something that sounds like it, notice a train in Christmas all means....comment on how much you like trains.

Blake, did I miss anything?