Thursday, January 01, 2009


Several blogs have posted highlights for the year and I've promised a few people I'd do the same. While I think it would be entirely more interesting to list those people (you know who you are) and events (house selling) that have frustrated me over this past year, I'll remain PC and post the good stuff.

So, here are some no particular order.

Blake's big move to the home office. So proud of him.

Puerto Rico! Such a beautiful place to visit. Far exceeded our expectations.

Lainey's Catholic our old church in Keller, that Aunt Caroline, her Godmother, could attend. The boys were baptised in the same church. Still trying to think of excuses to put a bonnet on her since this day.

Widespread Panic at Red Rocks, the holy grail of live concerts. No place like it.

Maci Kaye's arrival in July.

Jack's first time on skies.

A more extensive venture into the blogging world, bringing close friends and wonderful connections to women all over the U.S.

Several trips into the mountains.....Glenwood Springs Cavern pictured here. Camped in a tent for the first time in Estes Park. Rented a cabin at the YMCA of the Rockies. Another trip to Aspen in the spring. And, more day trips to ski than I can remember.

Considered a total beating to most.....Thomas the Tank Engine Day at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. It was such a treat watching Jack enjoying it all.

Lainey turned 1.

Spring Break trip to Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Custer, Wyoming, Deadwood and more.

Now, go post your highlights!


Coco said...

That was great!!! And I feel super cool to be included.
Your new look is fabulous!!!!!

FROGGITY! said...

wha hoo! great year. LOVE the pink icing pic. too hilariously precious. happy new year!

YES! i am so glad you love crawfish and nola styled booze as much as i do. if and when we ever move away i will have to make a pilgrimege each year just to eat and drink. because yes. it IS that important. cheers!

Heather said...

Love those favorite moments! I'm gonna have to do that. I also love your new header - so cute! And... I live in Keller, TX!!!!

michelle matthews said...

Great highlights from the year! Wonderful pics!