Saturday, January 10, 2009

Round 2


Yes. Jack threw up all over his bed, 4 rather large spots on his carpet, the closet doors, the walls, inside his closet. Shall I go on? I bet the visual you've got now is enough to click right off this blog and if you do, I don't blame you. I'd click out of this living arrangement right now if I could.

Thought we were out of the woods, as all 3 seemed fine this morning. Took shorter than normal naps, but that's not totally unheard of when life is not 100% normal. Drove out to Boulder for time on the playground, a beautiful walk by the river, and a late lunch at our favorite hot dog stand, Mustard's. It turned chilly rather quickly, so we cancelled shopping and playing on Pearl Street. I owe them a trip back, though. It's hard for us to leave that town without a stop at the famous candy store.

3 kids were in bed by 7:00 and Jack was up about 30 minutes later. I've got laundry going now, sheets have been changed, carpets cleaned, and we're cuddled on the couch waiting for round 3.

Going to be a long night.


The Rand's said...

OMG! You poor thing! My thoughts are with you as you wait out this evening and hoping you don't have to clean up anymore puke!
Didn't you just go to that one museum that your kids previously got sick from? Maybe that museum is contaminated! Or maybe it's just a coincidence.
Good luck tonight! Hope you and Carter escape it! xoxo

The Jones Family said...

Poor baby, and poor you... I'm sorry! Hope today is better for all of you!