Friday, January 02, 2009

Aspen Bomb Threat

Sad story about a man disenchanted with Aspen's growing popularity and reputation for being a playground for the wealthy. Article here.

I was in Aspen for New Year's Eve exactly 10 years ago and paid $125 for a ticket to get into Eric's Cigar Bar for New Year's Eve. Betting it is quite a bit more expensive now and that there were plenty of unhappy tourists when 16 blocks of the downtown area (which covers just about everything) was shut down that evening.

Before moving here, I had skied Colorado twice and fell in love with Aspen. Now that I live here, I understand that most people in and around Denver don't care for it. Too expensive, too popular, over-flowing with celebrities....and why go 4 hours into the mountains when you can ski at numerous resorts 1-2 hours in? I distinctly remember having a brief conversation at a snowboard shop a couple of years ago about Aspen and being told by a local that "no one here claims it."

Regardless of its reputation, I enjoy going there. It's a beautiful area and I'll gladly claim it.

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FROGGITY! said...

That is so interesting to hear an insider perspective. :)