Friday, January 09, 2009

A Break In The Clouds

The last few days have been very rough for me on many levels...some of which I've shared with you and some, I'll reserve for those I pay to listen to me whine. So, it was perfect timing when my new artwork arrived this afternoon.

It lifted my spirits.

I ordered it from Name Your Design and I highly recommend their site. They have such beautiful things. I've always had a love for birds and have been decorating with them for years. Jack's nursery included a bird theme and it remains my favorite out of all 3 children's.

Pictured below is the starter piece of a collection I hope to grow over the years. There are options for "Blake and Casey" plus our wedding date, individual pieces for children's names, simple initial monograms, and I love this one - but not sure how I would personalize it.

This piece and others like it from the "Nie Nie Collection" include a 20% contribution to their recovery fund. More on this program here.

As described earlier, I hope to change a lot of things about our decor as we transition to the new house and this (against the blue wall) falls closer in line with the color story I'm aiming for. Lighter, brighter, less heavy in design.

Current location in the house....looks just fine for now. So happy it's here!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it! I'm so going to be a copy cat but I HAVE to have one... they are priceless! So excited you finally got yours.

The Soladay Family said...

It looks great! God knew you needed something to brighten your day!

Anonymous said...

Wow - Gorgeous. So in love with it. And we are so going to have copy too!

The Rand's said...

love the new art piece. it has such a peaceful and happy feel to it.
can't wait to see the new decor when you move!