Friday, January 30, 2009

Jack Has The Recipe

Still lots of worries and stresses on my mind.....some personal.....some as I've mentioned below.....and a close friend struggling, too.

Just when I had cried all that I could today, Jack appeared, oven mit on his hand asking, "Choo choo cheese, Case?" and I laughed for a bit.

Sometimes their timing is so perfect.


The Jones Family said...

Awe, that is just so true! Love that little guy... and LOVE YOU!

The Rand's said...

So true! Call me if you want to talk! xoxo

michelle matthews said...

Precious. They know just how to cheer us up. I just read about baby Cora for the first time and I am sick. So scary how fast that can happen. I want to go wake Luke up and squeeze him. Baby Tuesday was just a few weeks younger than Luke. Makes me so sad.