Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day At The Gardens

Monday was a "free day" at the Denver Botanic Gardens, so we set out for a few hours in the sun. It's been unseasonably warm here recently.....nearly 70 today....absolutely beautiful.

The boys love rolling down this hill. I remember doing this as a kid....where was that....Clark stadium, maybe? Somewhere in Plano. We laughed and laughed and the boys do, too.

Carter is thrilled Jack is talking more, doing more, running more....because little brothers need to be chased.

Baby girl sat back with Mama and watched it all.

And, giggled. Not much cuter in the world to me.

Lots of room to run....a necessity with these children.

More photography by Carter.... Look at that hair. Sorry, Courtney. And, Britney.

My life as I know it right child attached to me and waiting for the other two. No complaints. I love it all. (most of the time)

***Note - most cities do "free days" at museums, gardens and parks. I seem to get an email from friends or neighbors alerting me each year for such days, but have googled it before, too, and found info. It's a great risk-free day for pressure if a kid melts down and you have to leave early or if they're just not into it....come and go as you please. Look it up in your town!


michelle matthews said...

Beautiful pics! Love your hat and Lainey's hat! Too cute!
Great idea on the free day!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Yes, totally love your hat. Been meaning to mention that in other pics. You have a good hat head!

Coco said...

I'm with Fitz, you totally have a good hat head. And good sunglass face.

And Tessie's hair is blowing in the breeze these days. Really, it is.

The Soladay Family said...

1. I want your hat!

2. You must have the best arms ever!

Live.Love.Eat said...

That is the cutest giggle face!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like a beautiful day!

Brian Pucella said...

Wow, what a beautiful looking day in Colorado. Here on the coast of N Carolina the high was about 34 with an inch or so of snow from yesterday. Thank you for all the help with our blogs, both Jeannette and I were inspired by your work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You should go to the SCFD Free Days page and find out about the free days in Denver at the various cultural institutions!