Friday, January 02, 2009

New Design

Nie Nie's house was recently featured in Cookie magazine for its design and functionality for children. See it here. Absolutely darling.

When we get to Missouri (or Kansas, wherever we end up!), I am hoping to give our house a makeover. I'm anxious to do a few things differently and it's not totally unlike her house. Tired of the decor we started with in our first house in Keller and brought with us here to Colorado. I want less rustic, heavy, dark design and instead a fresh, airy, whimsical feel with items found in shops like Anthropologie and the like. Our powder bath here got a taste of this new direction and I'm hoping to continue it throughout the house.

We buy simple, classic pieces of furniture that will transition easily into this move, but lots of artwork will be going.

I'll be starting with a new piece of artwork, ordered a week or so ago and arriving here shortly. I'll post about it soon. So very cute!

A couple of pictures from her house that caught my eye.

Love this.

And, this. Those fishies are actually Christmas ornaments from Anthropologie. We have a few on our kids' tree. Like this nursery, ours never held a traditional, working baby mobile. Always simple figures like this, attached to a canopy of sorts. For Jack, we had baby birds hanging.

And, after 2.5 years of being boxed up due to our moves, I'm going to re-hang our picture collage as we had it in our hallways of our first house. Such great memories arranged in one focal point. Love what she did below.


mamaclay said...

I love those profile pics! I was just thinking the other day that I'd like to have one of Sam done. I have one of me when I was a little girl.

Anonymous said...

I want to call dibs on any junk you are getting rid of. I like your rustic look.

starnes family said...

Amber - how cute to have one of you, too!

Ceason - all yours. I almost wrote about your and Caroline's houses being a museum of we pass things around to each other....and I see my old pieces in your houses. I love that!

Coco said...

I love those. LOVE them. Just showed my mom what I am doing in the master (copying you!) and she loved it.

That wall with the black and whites is amazing. I think that is a must in your new house with all of your photos.