Thursday, January 01, 2009

Zoo Lights

On Christmas Day, we took the kids to Zoo Lights and it was a lot of fun. Not unlike Boo at the Zoo or other similar occasions.....the zoo is decorated accordingly and they have extra vendors, lots of hands-on exhibits and the kids seem to love it. In our familiar territory, as we go often....but with a fun twist.

Blake took this picture to document what is a very accurate glimpse into my daily life as a single mother. One child attached to me, another being ornery nearby, and Carter running in an entirely different direction.


On the train...

Dozens and dozens of displays like this.

Jack in his new choo-choo boots. As hideous as they are, I couldn't love them more because they bring such joy to Jack.

A few animals were out to see.....only those native to cold weather. The polar bear, of course.

Always entertaining Sea Lions. These are our kids' favorites.

The giraffe house was open. Such beautiful animals to me.

Thousands of lights throughout the park.

On the way home. My Aunt Donna sent each of our kids a travel buddy like Carter is using, suggesting they were perfect for the "kids on the go." Loved that and they love the buddies!


Coco said...

I am a giraffe fan too! Great pics and the first one is priceless.

michelle matthews said...

How fun! What a great idea! Cute pics! That little travel buddy pillow looks comfy.

??? said...

Lauren needs a travel buddy!!! Where can I get one?