Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Galleria

Our trip to Dallas also included a visit to The Galleria for ice skating, shopping and lunch. Friends stopped by to see us and it was a great time.

One glitch, application for "mother of the year" was once again revoked when Cortney and I were upstairs watching the kids play on the indoor playground. We were busy chatting away....Blake was outside of the play area watching Lainey. All of the sudden, I notice a woman walking holding Jack. Interesting....I don't know her....maybe he fell down or something. So, I jump up and run over there, only to hear these words:

"I found him by the escalator."


The ice rink.

Lunch at Mi Cocina.

Cortney, Sydney and Halle.

Lindi (Britney's step daughter) with Trysten and Pa with Carter.

Ice skating time!

Jen came to meet Lainey and to see the boys.

Carter on the ice.

Lindi helping Trysten.

Me and Jen...missing her these days!

Later on that day....too much shopping.

And, too much spending.

Carter and Jen.

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