Tuesday, December 18, 2007


One of the funniest things to happen in recent days at our house is the UPS man bringing packages to us. He insists on ringing the door bell and that sends Jack screaming through the house, "Hi, Hi, Hi!!!!!"

We open the door and Jack's reaction is always the same - "Whoah!!!!". He loves the snow and acts as if it's the first time he's seen it each time the door opens.

We retrieve the package and allow Jack to say "Bye!!! Bye!!!! Bye!!!!" until the UPS man turns around and acknowledges him. God forbid he does not. And, these guys are fast. The door bell now sends me into a panic just trying to get Jack to the door so that the UPS man may stick around long enough to say "Goodbye!".

We bring the package or packages to the island to which both boys jump up onto the see what is included. A few pictures.....

Jack's new word, "Prease!", meaning, "Please let us open it!"

And, him banging his head when I decline his request.

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