Saturday, February 06, 2010

Weekend Scoop

Sup, blogland? You ready for some football? (I always wanted to say that and it be slightly genuine). We're watching pre-game all day and I'll start soon on jambalaya and some other Cajun goodness. Cross your fingers for the Saints!

We finally got around to working on the "gallery wall" type design I have envisioned for above the fireplace. It's a work in progress.....I want to add lots more to fill up more space of these 18 foot ceilings. Pleased with the initial placement.

Had to highlight this funky old cuckoo clock Sass, Coco and I found at Spaghetti Western in Parkville on our home tour trip. Love it. Notice the little guy peaking out. There's a bird on the right side who refuses to emerge.

This week's "You Tell Me" winner is:

Coco with:

"Shhhh, Batman, relax. Just let it happen. Shhhh...don't fight the feeling. Shhh...relax."

It's demented and partially a private joke, but I must crown her the winner. And, please keep the entries coming, people. Sass and Coco really aren't that funny. They just got lucky these last two weeks.

The Mardi Gras wreath is proudly displayed. Surely the Midwesterners think we've lost our minds.

The 3 punks. Yes, we're cutting Lainey's bangs soon.

Do you have a train traveling through your house? If not, you should.

The two little punks are playing together nicely these days. Anytime Lainey needs her brother, she's all "Jackie! Help me!" Cuteness.

Every now and then I'll catch of glimpse of just a tiny bit of toddlerhood still present in Jack. Not much. He's turning 4 in late April and will start Preschool shortly after at our church. Our youngest son is growing up. Still has Flintstone feet, though.

Aren't they sweet working on the train track?

Then, Jack finally loses it. Can't blame him. This is certainly his domain.

And, Lainey's outta there!

Picture of the week. See? I'm there to the left.

Kidding. But, I've had to resort to Jack and Lainey taking my photo if I miss it otherwise. They're pretty interesting!

Our kids have always been fabulous sleepers. We "train" them from birth and insist on it. Lately, though, Jack has started protesting nap time. By attaching himself to the closest piece of furniture. Good effort, buddy.

Lainey has set up a daycare in our living room. She lays all her babies out and then pats them to sleep. Precious.

She's also still perfecting her Delta Gamma party pic smile. Lookin' good, girl.

Finally, this is what we look like at the grocery store. My favorite in Kansas City is Hyvee, and for some reason, the little ones act like total maniacs here. Regardless of what cart we use (I've tried them all).....whether I have Carter there to help or matter if we're running in for 2 or 20 items.......they are complete fools in this store. I have no doubt my picture is up in the break room with a stern warning suggesting employees give us what we want and get us out of the store ASAP!

That's OK. I'm used to the stares.

Hoping you all are having a great weekend.

Need to leave you with one more little ditty in honor of the Saints.

Sweet baby Jesus, will you look at that man? Not Kim. (yes, we're on a first name basis) Reggie Bush.

During last week's game.....when Reggie wasn't playing so well, I asked, "Blake, is my baby not doing well today?"

His response, "Yeah. I'm sure he's out there thinking......hmmm.....Kim Kardashian? Casey Starnes? Kim Kardashian? Casey Starnes?"

Thank you, Blake. I love you even more for that.


Coco said...

I am very funny as is Sass.

Don't cut her bangs, let them grow out.

Reggie Bush is hot. And your way prettier than Kim whatshername.

starnes family said...

Yeah, I am.

Tempted to let her bangs grow, but I cut them originally because they broke off on their own. We'll see!

Dee said...

You're kids are precious! Good Lord Reggie Bush is hawt...whew!! Lol.. Geaux Saints!

Heather said...


DO NOT CUT LAINEY'S BANGS. just my opinion...since you asked for it and all.

Whoa!!! I am totally down with the Reggie Bush thing! Hotness! And Taye Diggs. Ahhhh.

I personally thought Sass should have won this week, but I guess I don't know the inside joke.... Cocos was funny though. Your game anyway.

All of a sudden, today, I decided that's I'm a Saints fan... I guess our preacher likes him too, cuz there was a whole lot of Drew Brees in our sermon today.

Geaux Saints!

Allyson and Dave said...

Such cute pictures!!! I love the way you celebrate Mardi Gras. It is such a great tradition to carry on. I never even knew what it was when I was a kid.

The Soladay Family said...

First...Holy SHIT he's hot! I can't get past that picture....whew.... do I talk trains after that!? I so miss the days of trains running through my house. =(
Casey....for days are gone! Especially since my sweet hubby is getting the
ol' snipperusky at the end of the month! Enjoy the days you right smack dabin the midst of! =)

FROGGITY! said...

you're so hardcore! listen to you talking like a seasoned football fan ;)!!

oh, reggie made me totally cry today by the way. i saw him in an interview and he was talking about this little girl with leukemia. he was so genuine and so... HAWT. i seriously bawled.

so proud to call him ours! (and yours too of course!!)

your kids are so cute with the trains!!! i love that little boys get so into the train thing. it's a big deal when a boy shares his train with LL... puppy love perhaps... haha


Malinda said...

As a matter of fact, we do have a train track running from room to room and down the hall. It's actually my husband's doing more than my two year olds.

Let Lainey's bangs grow out so she will have little whispy curls fall around her face.

timmonstimes said...

This is a really good football game! I've got a really good feeling the Saints are going to win.

If I were you, I'd be so thankful for Lainey's bangs - cut or uncut. The back of C's hair is getting long and thick. Not so much on the top. She's got the whole business in the front and party in the back thing going on and I'm ready for the mullet to go away and have some bangs on this girl!


Dee Stephens said...

Helloo!!!!!! SAINTS WON!!!! CAN YOU SAY LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOT! WOOT!!

Shannon said...

I think Kim AND Reggie are super hot. Delicious in fact.

Lauren W said...

You are so funny, Casey! I love the fact that the managers of Hy-vee could possibly have your picture on their wall. It could happen. And I am a big Reggie fan as well. Stupid Kardashians.

Sara said...

1) LOVE the gallery wall. So awesome!!
2) Love Jack losing it. He kept his cool for a good while though. That's impressive.
3) Those are pretty cool grocery carts and I'm cracking up that you think they have a sign in the back. They probably do.
4) Coco and Sass are very funny, but since I didn't understand Coco's photo caption, I can't laugh.
5) Yay Saints!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thrilled for NOLA!

Unknown said...

Um, I have to say AGAIN, your PUNKS are Oh so darling. I also believe my children's pics are posted in the breakroom. We have very interesting grocery store visits. Um, Reggie is very hot. Kim Who? GO SAINTS!

donatelli98 said...

Yeah Saints! Kim has nothing on you Casey!

SASS said...

Don't be silly, Case. You know Coco and I are hilarious.
Love the cuckoo clock! And the whole display above the mantle. Fab job!!
Love all the pics. Especially the ones of YOU!

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to do a gallery wall for behind our sofa for the longest. so far, i have only hung things in my head.

and tell husband Reggie Bush was totally thinking about you; KK ain't got nuthin on CS.

If the shoe FITZ said...

love the wall.
in the new casa we have a long hallway and i've been thinking of stuff to hang up.

Jodee said...

Your gallery looks fabulous! Cute pictures of the punks!

Cate O'Malley said...

Love the new blog header! Always loved that picture of Reggie and Kim - I suspect there's some mighty fine parties going on over there right about now.

Kristen said...

Yeah... Reggie... yum. And Blake's comment to you... oh my. Ha hahahahaha. I am laughing out loud. Tell him thanks for the good laugh! Awesomeness!

Monica said...

Your children are too cute for words. Always brings a smile after a long, hard day!