Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tomorrow He Wakes Up A 1st Grader

Today was Carter's last day of Kindergarten. He came home beaming with pride and so excited about summer vacation, which officially starts tomorrow. That is such a great feeling....knowing you have 3 months of non-stop fun ahead. I can remember it so clearly from being a child.

We have Kindergarten Graduation in the morning....a celebratory breakfast for the big boy shortly after....and then the party begins. He can't wait. His new friend down the street, Jordan, invited him for a sleepover to get things started.

Just one picture of the precious boy about to get on the bus as a Kindergartener for the last time.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Carter! He is growing up so fast - what a handsome young man!!

Anonymous said...

Casey you must be a wreck! I smiled and got a little tear at the same time!

Congrats to Carter. So cute!
Have a great summer!