Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Saturday With Pa

Saturday included gorgeous weather and a trip to the zoo. First, we stopped at Wahoo's Fish Taco, a yummy little restaurant in Denver. We have been to the one in Fashion Island, CA, and just found this one here. It's a great place with good food and cool atmosphere.

And, then off to the Denver Zoo. We're learning that as soon as the snow is gone and the sun comes out, people in Colorado head outside. The zoo was busy....took forever to find a parking space....yet, once we got inside, it didn't seem overly packed.

I love this part of Carter's personality....how he just seizes the moment. The geese at the zoo have goslings everywhere and so Carter sees a family and just sits down to take a better look.

Some animal pictures compliments of Carter.

These little guys....like geese, bunnies, peacocks and more....walk wildly through the zoo.

Jack with his first zoo "sipper". One of many more to come.

And, after a cold drink and a big mess, he takes a nap.

Outside the zoo....Pa tries to set Jack in the grass, only to be reminded that he can't stand it!


Shannon said...

Jack looks like a little boy now - yikes! Still waiting for some house pics. :)

Anonymous said...

Va Va Va Voom - Mom!!!

Cute top!

(you don't have to post this)


starnes family said...

Thanks. Almost 20 weeks pregnant and I look like I could deliver any day. Nothing like it!