Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Favorites 2009

Leaves. Plain and simple. I took the little ones out to walk and play and they ran through the leaves.

"Yainey try! Yainey try!"

They made it "snow" with the leaves.

Our front yard is not entirely covered....but the largest tree is changing from green to bright yellow.....right before our eyes, it seems.

Sometimes her sweetness is too much for me. Her gentle personality....the way she lovely.

The leaves are all gone from the smaller tree that covers our patio.

Lainey found her pockets while we were playing. Pockets are cool to a 2 year old.

Hello, gorgeous.

Hello, wild.

Run, Lainey, run!

A secret?

It was a fun afternoon.

This morning, we walked outside towards the car and the kids immediately asked "Kick yeaves, Mom?"

Of course!

And, the morning was bright and beautiful.....making everything seem especially pretty today.

Old houses boast large trees and this brings tons of crispy, crunchy fall leaves.

And, kids love them.


The Jones Family said...

That pic of them sharing a "secret" is beyond precious... classic.

I love them!

Sara said...

That black and white photo is a definite framer!! They're all so cute. I wish Fort Worth had beautiful leaves like that!! How fun!

merrilee said...

Your pictures are so gorgeous!! Umm, Lainey's hat. . . .seriously? I could just snag her right up! LOVE the picture of the two of them in black and white. Lovely, lovely fall leaves--miss those here.

donatelli98 said...

So beautiful - wish that happened here in the desert! Cute pics of the kids (as usual). I wonder what they were plotting in the "secret" picture.

The Rand's said...

i agree with everyone, black and white pic definitely a framer!! love all the fall leaves! it's so pretty there!
my favorite--hello sweetness, hello wild! great pic of jack! i love that kid!

Coco said...

Casey! Some of those look professional for sure. The close up of Laine, the one of Jack running and "the secret." Great job!

I knew you would eventually get good at something. SO proud right now. Practice does pay off.

Tammy said...

amazing pictures.. simple pleasures... my favorite! thanks for sharing.

Malinda said...

Okay, I think the purple dress outfit on Lainey is my favorite yet. Love the black and white photo too.

The Lenzers said...

So i am different, I LOVE the first pic of the street with the school bus in the background. That is gorgeous!! The ones of the kids are great of course, but what a beautiful scene. I so wish we had trees and a fall like that. I can't wait to try your pumpkin seeds. We are carving tonight, so hopefully tomorrow. Glad yall made home it safe. I know how you feel about driving at night, so worth it!

SASS said...

Do you happen to have a mold in the shape of a heart? Because mine just melted.

Some of those DO look professional! Jack the wild punkin. Lainey the sweet punkin. Too much.

"Kick yeaves, Mom?" I want them!

Carrie Darney said...

Love the secret photo and the second one of LC...SO CUTE!

SASS said...

I came back to look at those pics again. And after re-reading my comment, my first two sentences could be a great pick up line. Just in case you ever needed one.

starnes family said...

Funny....when I read them, I thought, "I wonder if someone has tried to use this on Sass before?"

Dee Stephens said...

The secret should totally be in a frame.
As for Lainey's outfit?! So very you Casey! Something I would have seen you out in around LSU! precious.
Wild man pix was cute too.
Leaves are cool until you start raking..

Allyson and Dave said...

So pretty!!! I miss the leaves changing colors. I love the purple outfit!!!

Cate O'Malley said...

I love that she keeps the hat on. Maybe she can come and teach my daughter a few thing. ;)