Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Favorites 2009

Caramel apples, anyone? These are not as pretty as those I've made in the past, but they tasted good. A different, easy recipe can be found here.

The little ones loved them.....and Carter joined in after he returned home from Religious Education. Fall treats.....they're the best!

Punkin Jack is talking up a storm these days and to have a conversation with my two little monsters is quite an experience.

I was just telling someone......that I love having these two so close in age. And, that I think everyone should experience what I am lucky enough to be in the midst of....the chaos, the tears, the joy and the struggles.

Now, I think that while I'm writing this blog post and kids are tucked safely in bed and the house is quiet. Ask me tomorrow around 5:00ish when Blake is driving home, dinner is cooking, Carter is antsy, Jack is following Lainey around the house growling like a dinosaur, Lainey is consequently breaking glass with her screeches....and everyone is entirely losing his mind.

I might answer differently.

Coco.....chicken toile....check it out.....I'll be posting entire pics soon.

Yummy Laine......a close match to Carter in loving food and lots of it. Jack? I was surprised that something that actually grew from the ground nearly touches his lips. He didn't eat the apple....but made contact. It was a first.

I took a brief video of the two goofballs talking about Halloween and enjoying their caramel apples. Pay close attention to Jack's "dewicious" comment. I love this phase in talking.....and my boys always talk he's at the peak of speech cuteness in my opinion.


Heather said...

Darling video! Precious kiddos.

I know....I always want a 100 of those cute little things when they are all snuggled up asleep...but then when they wake up, it's a different story.

The Rand's said...

Love the video! Gracie had to watch it over and over. She loved Lainey slurping to say it was delicious and that Jack wants to be a ghost. Precious!

Sara said...

Very cute! They eat carmel apples the way I do....lick all the carmel off and leave the apple. HA!

Dee Stephens said...

Love the video. Two cuties!

donatelli98 said...

Great pics! Chatty's class is making caramel apples at their fall festival party tomorrow. Should be fun.

SASS said...

I just wanted to inform you that you may be receiving a bill from my dentist.
All these cavities from your sugary sweet children are really starting to add up. College students don't have great dental insurance, didn't you know?

If the shoe FITZ said...

Love LC at the cute!

Coco said...

Darling video! That totally did not sound like you talking at all.

And Jack really needs to lay off the smokes. Or at least switch to Ultra Lights or something.

starnes family said...

I know! I think I'm losing my southern twang finally. 3 years in Colorado and now 6 months in the Midwest. Thinking of moving to New Jersey next so I can acquire a Yankee dialect.

Jennifer said...

OhMyGosh! That was adorable! Post more videos please!

The Lenzers said...

LOVE!!!! I, on the other hand, sometimes get so tired of Connor talking. I have to set the timer to get 3 minutes of silence. Colton is a late talker-almost 2 and nothing yet. Keeps me worried, but I figure Con talks enough for both. Have a good trip to Dallas. Email or text me to tell me where you are for dinner. I would love to see you if you are close by. or 214-403-4256

Unknown said...

I just love making carmel apples! Tomorrow, if it is rainy AGAIN, I think that is what we will do : ) A nice fall celebration!

Sarah said...

So incredibly cute...stickiness and all!

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