Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Brad and Lara's wedding was lovely. Simple and sweet......we were thrilled to be part of it!

Who knows what Blake told him here......hopefully words of wisdom from his 9 years and counting marriage. :)

Took a few pictures of the kiddos prior to the ceremony. Sweet baby Laine....

Jack tried to be sweet, too.

More trying.....

Which led to this.

And, this.

The windup. (Glad you're enjoying this Carter).

And, finally this. Comfort from Daddy. And, how hot is my husband here? Lord have mercy!

Lovely, Carter......checking out the flower girls. You're 8 years old, young man!!!!!!!!

The 3 "B's". Blake, Brad and Britney. Did you know that I come from 6 kids with "C" names? See....we were meant to be.

This picture is a little fuzzy, but I love how fatherly Brad looks.....making sure everyone is in order. He's going to be a good daddy.

Precious. Brad with the ring bearers and flower girls.

Cute cousins. Love Trysten's smile here.

Just before the ceremony.....and this is where I put my camera down. I had to chase toddlers and keep their chatter to a I didn't even capture a picture of the bride! Go to Britney's page, here, to see the rest. It was a great night!


Monica said...

I'm pretty sure Carter & Trysten are going to break a lot of hearts. Two HANDSOME boys.

Coco said...

Great pictures, Casey!! The fighting ones need to be framed and hung in sequence somewhere where everyone can see them. Hilarious.

I think it's cute that you think Blake is hot. Sweet wife.

Blake said...

I simply told Brad that there are 2 keys to a successful marriage. Number one is communication. I then proceeded to tell him that I had not talked to Casey in over six months. He said. "What?" I said. "She hates when I interrupt her." Which leads me to number two. Learn quickly what it is that pisses her off...And use that knowledge wisely.

I also asked if Lara had ever made any threatening comments referrencing big black trash bags or unveiled any devious plans that seemed to have been very well thought out? Thankfully for Brad the answer was no. 9 years later and I still sleep with one eye open. Best of luck Brad and Lara.

starnes family said...

Allright, allright. The trash bag thing - this is referencing a conversation Blake, Brad and I had over 10 years ago....all 3 of us living in Austin....when we were not married, not even engaged.

We were arguing the death penalty and I proved my side by suggesting I could kill both Brad and Blake and frame someone else, thus showing that innocent people die under this law. I got quite detailed in my proposal and to this day, they've not let me forget it.

Loved your comment, Blake. :)

The Soladay Family said...

Wow...I totally saw Ryan in T's face in that pic of him with Carter! So handsome!

donatelli98 said...

I think it is so funny that Lainey is the one who doesn't want to be kissed by Jack - usually it is the other way around with the brother not wanting it. Carter's practicing for all future weddings where he will be checking out the girls! Love it! I also think it is cool that you think your husband is so hot ... and you are right! Nice way to incriminate yourself by telling Blake and Brad your plans ...

Dee Stephens said...

Love the wedding picS! Carter's expressions are funny when the babies are fighting.

I was going to mention the C and B thing in another post. I've totally noticed that have wondered why you didn't keep the tradition?
My cousin did that with her kids..
Kenneth, Kendra and Karen.
I've never even thought about it but I'm with Mrs. Lenzer is saying it cuts down on having to get things monogrammed if you give them all the same initials.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Great pictures. i love Carter checking out the flower girls. Chasing toddlers at a wedding, hilarious and frustrating at the same time.

merrilee said...

LOVE the picture of Jack trying to kiss Lainey--get used to it, Jack. I also love Carter's face in the first few pictures. . .he is obviously used to the two little ones bantering. Great advice, Blake--let's face it, we(meaning the wives) are usually right!

SASS said...

WOW. These pics are too good. Love Lainey resisting Jack, of course. And Carter sitting in the first 3 with no expression. What a patient big brother. Then smiling. Not at them, still at the camera. Taught him well, Casey.

Also, I like that you let this play out while you took pics. I'm going to have to try that.

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