Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Time With Cereal

So proud of our baby girl! She ate cereal for the first time tonight and it went well.

Lainey is almost 19 weeks old. We're past the 4 month mark and so she's eligible for cereal at this point. The boys ate cereal at 8 weeks. Quite a difference!

We've waited with Lainey because she's smaller than the boys and she just seems more delicate, perhaps.

The magic weight requirement - if you ignore the 4 month rule - is 13 pounds, according to our pediatrician. She had not been weighed since 8 weeks, at which point she was just over 11 pounds. So, we waited. And, I'm glad we did. She's just now almost 14 pounds.

Are you there somewhere, Laine? She looks so much smaller than Jack in the high chair.

Sweet Jack was not happy with this change. He didn't mind her sitting in his high chair so much. But, we prepared her cereal in one of his bowls. As soon as he saw it, the "Prease! Prease!" began, and so we let him try a bite. I've never seen him spit something out so quickly. I'm sure he was anticipating some yummy yogurt or applesauce.

We've been preparing him for her taking over his chair by installing his new booster seat at the table. He seems to like it, however, we've still been putting him in the high chair because it's easier to clean a tray than an entire table.

Here he is after seeing us use his bowl. Poor guy!

She's ready!

She likes it! She likes it!

And, Jack liked watching her.

Got a little something there on your cheek.

As soon as we were finished with a few bites and it was clear that the meal was over, Jack took hold of the high chair and said, "Byeeee!"

Giving baby sister a ride.

Our two little ones.


Anonymous said...

So cute! So glad Jack is warming up to her but she better not take over his choo choo!

Anonymous said...

Been a little behind in checking the blog and missed out on all the new cute pics! I didn't think Lainey could get any cuter, but oh my gosh, she is!!!! Those eyes!!!

Malinda said...

I love that last one where they are looking at each other. Too cute!