Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A few blogs that I read religiously (in addition to family and friends). - transplanted city woman now working on a cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere. - her recipes. They're easy and delicious and she spells it out for you with pictures. My kind of learning! - great writing. I really love this woman. And, not just because she named her daughter, Caroline, too. Be sure to check out "favorite things". Love her taste. - woman living in Utah, defying her Mormon upbringing, battling depression and supporting her family with this blog. This one is risky...not for the sensitive reader....she can be shocking and fowl language is nearly guaranteed. This is the first blog I started reading years ago and I think she's brilliant.

I won't even list the celebrity gossip blogs I read because it would be a knock against my character. Let's just say that having People magazine delivered to this house would be a waste of time and money.

Enjoy reading!

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Anonymous said...

I love big MAMA too. I totally want to hang out with her. I almost invited her to my birthday party last month!