Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We took another day of shopping at Northpark while in Dallas. We have good malls out here in Colorado, but nothing like Northpark and the Galleria. I am a shopper, so I have my preferences and NP has it all....history, the best stores, great holiday decor, etc.

I tripped, fell and busted my chin as a small child there. We went to see Santa each year there. We admired their Christmas decorations for years.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find the Twelve Days of Christmas this all time favorite....perhaps they've retired it.

A few pictures...

Carter loves these "slides" just like Blake and I did as children.

Little Jack gives it a try.

And, gets frustrated.

Daddy helps him do it like big brother.

Pecan reindeer and marshmallow Santa.

Fabulous Barney's window.

And, always my favorite...Ted Baker's.

Home again to Caroline's and we prepared for Britney's wedding.

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