Sunday, January 20, 2008


The beginning of a relocation to Colorado is a bit like living on vacation at times. There is so much to see, so much to do....and it's all within reach! Weekend trips into the mountains are fun and with our ski passes, we've had the opportunity to get a taste for several resorts. Each has it's pros and cons. Beaver Creek remains our favorite, but we like to get out there and try new places.

We skied Vail on Saturday. The drive in was rough, taking us 3 hours, as opposed to the normal 2. Icey roads, several accidents nearby...all made for a frustrating trip getting there. But, we arrived and it was beautiful and worth the efforts made.

Upon talking to the resort reps, they suggested we take the bus to Golden Peak, as there is a nice commons area at the bottom of the mountain. This is always a necessity for us - having an inside option to escape the cold with the babies. You can only sit in Starbucks for so long...and the kiddos like to get out and move.

So, after a few trips transporting gear, we made it, got settled and the skiing/boarding began.

Here is where we originally landed....Lionshead Village. It's under construction - like much of Vail - and the end result should be beautiful.

In the lodge with the kids. Lainey is now attached to me most of the time with the Baby Bjorn. This makes it easy to chase Jack!

Lainey wearing her baby bear outfit given to us by Aunt Donna. It's perfect for our ski trips!

The boys check out the fire.

The view from lunch at swanky Larkspur Restaurant. We typically don't indulge like this, but it was fun.

My other view....while waiting for the boys to get off of the mountain....2 babies asleep. Even just 20 minutes of no one crying or needing something from me is a treat!

Carter at lunch, enjoying his $10 grilled cheese sandwich.

Jack listening to Dad's new Ipod.

Carter, too.

The view going up.

The village below. This is just a small part of is HUGE!

Ready to go down.

A plow grooming nearby slopes.

Lovely wide open trails.

Carter playing on a hill nearby the lodge.

Jack with cold hands because he refused to keep one of the 3 pairs of glove options I had for him on.

Such a pumpkin in his snow outfit.

Sweet big brother including Jack in on the sledding fun.

Picking him up to finish the walk.

The boys.

Time to go home....happy Jack.

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