Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wedding Night

And, finally some pictures from the big night. The wedding was held at Hotel Zaza in uptown Dallas. It was very well done....simple and sweet....and everyone looked lovely.

The boys in the suite keeping things interesting while everyone got ready.

Lainey being precious and staying quiet.

Steve and Britney.

Britney helping Trysten get dressed.

Blake, Britney and Brad.

Walking in.

The ceremony.

The vows!

New family.....Lindi, Brit, Mark, and Trysten.

The Starnes family.

Trysten and Carter.

In special memory of Blake's mom, pictured here.

At the reception.....Trysten and Carter getting funky!

Haylee and Grace.

Sandy, Mike and boys.

Bryan and Alisha.

Back at the hotel room...winding down from the evening.

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing cuter than little ones dressed up all fancy! So cute!!! Love Lainey's dress!!!