Monday, January 14, 2008

Caroline's Gifts

Over the years, Caroline has blessed this family with many special gifts. Some are funny...some downright annoying....some completely enjoyable. A recap, if you will:

Carter's first skateboard, at age 3. She threw in elbow, knee and wrist pads.

But, she should have included band-aids, because this is what was to come:

One year, he got shin guards for his upcoming soccer team.

And, some nerd glasses to go with them.

During one Christmas Eve night, we were about to attend mass and Carter begged to open a gift. We allowed him to do that and everyone was excited to see him open this hilarious hat. It turned out to be a total dud....Carter actually threw it on the ground, he was so disgusted with it. At the time, we thought it was pretty funny. Now, I look back and think, "Who's bratty kid is that?!" He did manage to put on a smile for this picture. I remember taking this and Caroline is hysterically laughing.

She gave him a telescope this year and it was a hit!

And, cupcakes for both of us.

For Valentine's last year, she sent Carter this life-like gummy heart. Yum! He loved the shoebox she packaged everything in so much that he transformed it into his box for Valentines at school.

And, Jack got this cute shirt that mimics a singles ad, suggesting he likes "long walks on the playground." (What a chunky infant he is here!)

How about this treasured item given to Blake last year for Christmas.....a tool to keep the toothpaste squeezed to the end, which he actually loved.

Who could forget this little tribute to Christmas Vacation, the ever popular dickie?

Jack's darling Puma outfit, given to us before he was even born.

We have Caroline to thank for this little gem....she persuaded my mom to buy it for Jack.

And, the lovely snowman toilet cover....adds class and holiday cheer all at the same time!

The gum drop tree, which made Jack eat so much that he threw up in the Christmas tree box.

And, finally....what I'm getting that Caroline has many special gifts to offer. Some, she is sure will be the best present ever and they flop. Some, she's not totally sure of and they are loved. And, this one....the pencil case filled with personalized first predicted to be a total bust by Ryan.....ended up being a huge hit with his class mates. "Pencils with your name on it!"

Who could have thought of something so perfect?

Note: If you'd like to achieve a similar gift-giving status to Caroline's, look for items marked with "As Seen On TV". Almost always a sure thing.


Anonymous said...

I have the toothpaste thing too! That is the best tool ever!

Anonymous said...

These pics bring back SOOO many good memories! The presents may be dorky, but they sure are memorable!

starnes family said...

Me, too. Looking for them took me through years of photos and it was fun to relive those times.

Carter has changed so much!