Friday, January 04, 2008


It's been a rough 14 hours at the Starnes house. Jack has been battling a bug for almost 3 weeks now.....through our ski trip, through our Dallas trip, and he was cause for cancellation of Blake's birthday trip, too. It comes and goes....some days are great and then some are filled with lots of holding and comforting. I'm sure Lainey thinks we've abandoned her since Jack has required so much attention, but she's hanging in there.

Last night, just before the vomiting began, Blake suggested I get a bowl "just in case." (No apologies necessary for not reading past this point.) Quite an intuition, you might say. Jack took the bowl and put it on his head....Blake suggested I get the camera because he looked so cute. By the time I found it (no, it's not actually connected to my body), he quit the cuteness and just sat there watching Thomas The Train. I took pictures anyway....Blake asked me why....and I replied with, "Are you new here? THAT'S WHAT I DO."

Things are looking up this morning. Jack has regained a bit of life and we're waiting for a call back from the doctor. I've taken him in twice now to hear the expected, "It's a virus. Watch him." Now, I will never wish an illness upon my child, but after a $20 co-pay, tell me something I didn't know! You wouldn't believe the money we've spent over the years to hear those exact words....because you just never know.....better safe than sorry. And, people, we are SAFE.

Jack is down sleeping for a bit finally and Lainey, too. I'm going to get back to running from room to room doing laundry, dishes, straightening, etc....before the storm hits again.

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Anonymous said...

Awww! Poor Jack! He looks so sad and sick in that picture. I hope he feels better really soon!