Tuesday, January 08, 2008

For The Southerners

When you get enough snow around here, plows come through the residential streets to clean things up. It surprised me to see them last week because during the record season last year, we only had plows once or twice and that was with MUCH more snow in Castle Rock.

Highways and major roads get plowed each time we get pretty much any amount of snow.

So, these monster trucks make life much easier. No more slipping around on ice. No more residue everywhere. The sand creates traction and the de-icer melts everything away. Magic!

And, Jack gets oh, so excited. Big! Loud! Trucks! (And, someone to say, "Hi" to.)

And, the moral is....that we would have never seen this or known life like this had we not moved here. There's a great big world out there!

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