Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Museum Trip

Today, I took the babies out to meet Belinda and AnnMarie at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We have a membership here and haven't been in several months because of travel and the holidays. So, we're getting back into it.

Carter was disappointed that he had to be in school instead of attending with us, but I reminded him of all the cool things he gets to do that far exceed this or similar outings that the babies participate in. He agreed.

Jack in the Space Odyssey. He wore this launch backpack for the entire visit to this area.

Belinda with Lainey.

Playing in the Discovery Zone.

With bubbles.

He's eating them here. Nice.

Digging for fossils.


In one of the animal exhibits.

Loving carrying Lainey in the Baby Bjorn now that she can hold her head well and look around. She enjoys it, too!

The Prehistoric wing.

This area includes actual paleontologists working on the remains. Take a good look, though....this guy is working on his Ipod. Not exactly in sync with this era.

In the Hall of Life exhibit.

Choosing healthy foods for dinner.

More tests to see how well you order food while out.

Checking out an exhibit close to my own heart.

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