Monday, November 24, 2008

Parkville, Missouri

Finally a few minutes to post more about our trip to Kansas City. Here is Parkville, where we are hoping to live once we sell this house!

Park University in the distance...

Funky little shops downtown.

A little bit famous for being virtually unknown, but super cool. Love that. Article here. Exact language includes "the best places you've never heard of."

Farmer's Market near English Landing Park.

We ate lunch here during our visit.

And, it included seating on a train car!

And, a train drove right by a few times. This, alone, might be reason enough to move there.

I love this picture of sweet and nurturing Carter adoring his baby sister.

Lots of hills and trees.

15 minutes from downtown KC....just across the Missouri River......4,000 people.....great schools.....tiny, close knit community with lots of activities....picturesque with beautiful trees and lots of water with just about every turn you make. We love it!

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