Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lots And Lots of Skiing

Many more pictures from our weekend in the mountains.

Our ongoing attempt at a photograph with all 5 of us looking at the camera and smiling. Nearly impossible with this group.

Here is what it looks like prior to the posed trying to put kids in place and fussing at those not cooperating. So glad this was caught on film. I'm going to put it in my file for "Mother of the Year".

Now, erase that prior image from your mind and look at us smiling here. Almost all of us.

Little ones checking out the snow....or "shnow", as Jack calls it complete with wrinkled nose and odd delivery. That kid is weird.

Being the shopper that I am, I had 2 qty size 7 bibs all ready for Carter to wear this year. Had them last year, too. Nope.....bibs are dorky now. I was able to talk him into these snowboarding pants with the suspenders, which I think are super cute.


Oh, sweetness. It's almost too much.

Lunch time.

Not many strollers at the ski resorts and certainly not a double! We are quite a sight to see.

Dad and Jack's skis. When we moved here, we bought all of our equipment, although many people warned us not to because they didn't think we'd go enough to get our money's worth. We certainly proved them wrong. Somehow, I ended up with expert level skis and Blake got these Atomics. Nothing bad about them.....but he'd be better suited on mine due to how good he is. I'm just happy to get down the mountain!


Lovely view.

7 year olds snack on snow, too.

On the lift.

The boys enjoying some Halloween candy.

Our 3 munchkins.

Sweet marshmellow mess.

Time to go after day 1. Blake joked that it looks like the Clampitts go skiing every time we show up!

That evening, we stayed in Frisco, but drove into Breckenridge for dinner.

Ate at a great Mexican place on Main Street and then played on the playground.

The next morning.....out for breakfast. Thought these bighorn sheep statues dressed up for Halloween were pretty cute.

Lovely Lake Dillon.

Back to business. Time to hit the slopes.

Jack mans the poles. No one came within a 10 yard radius of him. Me, included.

Skiing with Carter is so much fun. He'll sit just about anywhere and take in the view. He has an appreciation for things well beyond what his age typically provides.

And, there he goes. He really loves this sport and I'm so glad he does. Happy, too, that we can continue learning and having fun in the midwest, and then vacation here.

Last lift up. Blake was at the bottom of the mountain. We called to let him know we were going 1/2 way down and then up to another run. On the way up, I dropped one of my gloves. And, ski gloves are not cheap.....that's $40 I let go Carter and I went in search of it.

Just a little pressure, too, from the resort crew who were anxious to clear the mountain, as we were the last people going up. Found the glove finally and then Blake at the bottom....with a worried look on his face as he saw us being followed by the crew. Again, we're a total spectacle wherever we go.


Shannon said...

I believe strongly that everyone is gifted in some way. It seems that Carter's giftedness may fall under the "naturalist" category.

Naturalist Intelligences
Naturalists hold a close communion with the natural physical matter surrounding them. They love to be out in nature, feel a bond with nature, and tend to disapprove of actions and people that damage nature. Career paths may include botany, farming, the natural sciences, conservation, or outdoor recreation.

starnes family said...

Oh, I would love that! I will be a proud Mama should his love for nature continue.

Anonymous said...

I want to ski now, right now!
I will come with ya'll next time!
Were ya'll the only ones there? It seems like it?

Coco said...

Great pics! The picture of you being bossy mom is hilarious especially with the smiley mom right after.

Carter is going to be a heartbreaker!

starnes family said...

The smiley mom is most appropriate for pictures. :)

Jen, only the die-hards were there. Never longer than a 5 minute wait in the lift line. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

You must have been at Loveland!!

starnes family said...

It was Loveland! Lots of fun. Great little resort. Who is this?

Anonymous said...

Your cousin that lives 20 minutes away from Loveland and loves to ski there almost every weekend!! This can be a challenge for you to figure me out. My kids meet up with their friends while my husband and I ski together. That's why we love it so much. It is the one of the last places on earth we feel comfortable letting our kids off by themselves. It's a local favorite along with Echo. Our 16 year old is looking for sponsorship from a supplier. It helps pay for the "I gotta have latest ski equipment" the teenagers have to have. Their ages: 19yrs, 16yrs, 12yrs.and 8yrs. Nice blog by the way!!!!!

starnes family said...

Not fair!

Email me with more clues:

Anonymous said...

My youngest son is named after Theodore Adams my(our) great great uncle.