Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Turkey Craft

Not the best artwork....but a fun little tradition we have for Thanksgiving. We hang this turkey in the house and add a feather per kid, per day of something they're thankful for. Carter chooses for Lainey, but Jack somewhat speaks for himself.

He's started praying with us at night and it's just about the cutest thing ever. We keep it on his level, of course, as we did with Carter at the beginning.

"Dear God, Thank you for Mom, Dad, Carter......"

He fills in the rest.

Lots of "Choo Choos, Pa, Airyine, Man". (trains, Pa, Caroline, Batman)


Shannon said...

That child's obsession with trains is, as you say, something I've never seen. I've known kids who really liked something but not for nearly as long or intensely as Jack. Cute idea to teach thankfulness.

starnes family said...

Thanks. And, it's quite an obsession. Never known a child to love something so much!