Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Jack On Skies

Jack, barely 2.5 years old, tried out his ski legs on Saturday. A few pictures....

First, Blake worked with him on the bunny hill. He seemed OK with it all at this point.

With the "wee ski" harness. I think this is a great tool....he just wasn't ready for it.

On the lift with Daddy and Carter. He loved this!!!!

Down the mountain on his first and only run. In all fairness, the shortest run is quite long and provides lots of turns and twists! I think part of it was "intermediate", too.

Later in the day, I took a shot at it. He was scared at this point, so we didn't do much.

More hugs than skiing at this point.

Our sweet boy... We're not going to push his progress by any means. I think giving him the option each time we go will do just fine and when he's ready, he'll take to it.

And, besides.....making choo choo tracks in the snow is so much more fun.

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Malinda said...

How cute is he!!