Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Shopping

My shopping loving friend, Monica, has a plethora of information regarding retail this year. A couple of great sites:

1. Store Closings/Scale backs - check this site for changes in stores....great info when considering buying gifts or gift cards.

2. Black Friday - check this site for recent store ads (updated often)

Thanks, Moni!


Anonymous said...

I am sure everyone has seen that email that has been floating around about store closures. I also just rec'd an email from Ann Taylor saying yes we are closing SOME under performing stores but they are still a strong company with over 1000 stores. Just remember that each year companies close down stores and also open more stores...we just don't hear about the new openings. The store closures are brought to the spotlight more this year than ever.

Moni said... had a great article Friday explaining the caution that should be used when buying giftcards. If companies only scale back and don't close completely, you can still use cards online if there isn't a store in your area anymore. I've seen some major mall staples closing (Sharper Image, Wilson Leathers), but I haven't seen anything new open. What did we do before giftcards...oh yeah, we actually had to think about what people might like and bought them GIFTS! Now there is a novel idea :)