Thursday, November 06, 2008


Pictures from Halloween night....

Here's a shocker.....Jack was less than cooperative when it came to putting his costume on! It was chilly outside, so I improvised and grabbed Carter's lion costume from his 3rd Halloween. It worked perfectly, kept him warm, and without alarming him too much to the idea, provided a costume for the evening. 2 year olds are so agreeable. And, just think. As soon as Jack starts acting reasonable, Lainey will be right behind him in her terrible 2's!

Our fussy lion.

Jack was still Lainey started in, too.

Help yourself, baby girl.

Our attempt at all 3 kids in costume. Exactly as I had imagined this would go.

And, then Jack had a meltdown. I just have to laugh.

Out with neighbors.....Marisa on the left, me and then Josie.

Time to grab some candy!

Jack pulled Lainey for a bit.

Josie with Steven and Matthew.

Little ones taking a break. Both costumes annoyed each other. The fuzzy part of the lion's mane drove Lainey crazy and Jack couldn't stand when one of her octopus legs crawled over into his space.

At Caden's house. You can see Jack's coat here a bit better. It's actually pretty cute on him. And, Jack is a PRO at trick-or-treating now. In fact, he asks each day - several times each day - "Case, tri-orn-trea?" I'm thinking about just letting him try if he doesn't stop asking.

Lainey didn't quite understand the concept, but enjoyed her costume. As long as it was in sight, she would take it to one of us to put on her so she could wear it around the house.

A few of the neighborhood kids.

Annual picture of Carter in his candy. 8 years now of these!


Shannon said...

Your 2 year old calling you "Case" cracks me up. Payton calls us by our first names when she needs to get our attention. We've tuned out "mom" and "dad." :)

??? said...

I truly enjoy all your pictures. They are amazing of your gorgeous kids!! I find it a privilege to see your family!!!!!