Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Can you buy stock in the zoo? If so, we should. Hoping so much Kansas has a good one, too!

Zoo hours have changed for the winter and so they're closing at 5:00pm now, instead of 6:00pm. This changes our visits quite a bit, as we usually go once a week after school is out. Not enough time now. So, I had planned a weekend visit and then found out Sunday was a "free day". And, no zoo member in their right mind would show up on a "free day" because 1/2 the population of Denver is there, too. But, I promised....so off we went. I waited until nap time was over and so many people were on their way out. Still 90% more people there than we're accustomed to.

Notice a trend in most of our recent pictures.....Jack in charge.

There are approximately 3 trillion of these geese in Colorado. Never stops the boys from looking and making duck noises at them.

Free days do bring out a lot of demos, so we enjoyed that.

The sea lions get really active this time of year, so we've had fun watching them. A mini Sea World show, if you will.

Lainey and Jack watching. I noticed here how light Lainey's hair is getting since it's not so far off from Jack's. Courtney, stop drooling over the length. Tessie Mayes will have hair soon!

Sweet big brother, Carter.

Time to run in the leaves.


Jack's favorite part of each zoo visit.

Love this attempt at a pic of the 3.

Pretty fall day and still some leaves of color.

A new favorite of the boys.....snakes and reptiles!

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Coco said...

I am having a wig made for Tessie Mayes, asap!!

notfair notfair notfair notfair!!!!