Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Girl

In her first big girl nightgown. Almost bedtime.

I love little girls in nightgowns and have been waiting to put one on Lainey until she could walk well and without much chance of falling. We're there!


Coco said...

Pure sweetness! But why is Jack wearing floral jammies?

starnes family said...

Snowflakes!!!!! Not floral! Great....now he'll never wear these again once his father sees this post.

Coco said...

Don't be ashamed Jack and Lainey share pajamas, Casey.

This economy has been hard on everybody.

starnes family said...

Speaking of the rough economy, can you send me $12 for the pj's you systematically removed from his rotation due to your floral comment?!

Anonymous said...

Now that LC is wearing nightgowns you can get matching nightgowns for her baby dolls. I used to think that was so cool!

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