Thursday, November 20, 2008

Operation Christmas Child

We completed our seasonal charity project this evening and it was my favorite yet of all that we've done over the years. My friend, Shannon, suggested it and it was a great fit for our kids. Hands on, at the children's level of understanding and best of all, the organization encourages prayer, which I think further links our kids to the ones in need.

Check out the website here for more details. Start with "Pack A Shoebox" to learn how the process works.

After shopping for our kids in need, we packed up the items in a shoebox and then wrapped it (lid separate). We chose ages that coordinated with Carter's so that he could relate to the kids and choose things he might like himself. The sweetest part came when he spent his own money to buy his "boy" a Bakugan figure. We chose a girl age 5-9 as well. Once the little ones are a bit older (next year, perhaps), we'll match up their ages so that they can personalize the purchases, too.

Carter made cards for each child and we included a family picture, too. The labels seen here were not as clear as they should be, as our printer was acting up and only printing part of the template. We replaced them upon turning in the packages.

Not a great picture, but here are the kids at the drop off location. Many locations throughout the country at churches and similar organizations. We had at least 3 to choose from in a 20 mile radius.

In the warehouse.....volunteers were busy packing up the shoe boxes and it warmed my heart to see people doing so much good. Definitely put us in the Christmas spirit.

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