Sunday, November 23, 2008

Santa's Workshop

Had a good visit to a super cute and unique theme park located in Cascade. It proved to be a lot of work due to 3 kids walking and running and always in different directions!

Preview and fair warning. No expecations for Santa's picture this year. Jack refused to go in Santa's house all together and Lainey cried the entire time. I'll never understand what it is about this figure in childhood that makes kids come unglued. Carter filled Santa in on everyone's requests.....a fusion board for him and a shared kitchen for the little ones.

So, here is our first attempt. Santa laughing, Carter being gracious as always, Lainey crying and if there were sound, you would hear Jack screaming at the door. Awesome.

Lots of window displays. These kids would really love a trip to NYCity to see the decor. Hopefully one year soon.

Elmer the Elf's show.

The "North Pole" covered, of course.

If I timed it right, I would bring my Christmas cards here and mail them from their post office on-site in order to have them stamped from "The North Pole". However, by the time my cards are done, that would mean a trip in early December and this park is entirely too crowded by then. Open year round, but packed from Thanksgiving until Christmas. No, thanks.

Somehow, we figured out to run immediately to see Santa during our first trip here last year with Caroline. No line, no wait. Followed suit this year and then watched the line grow throughout the day.

Lots of little kid rides for our munchkins.

And, some for our big boy, too.

Caroline, do you remember this one? SO fast.

This is my favorite ride in the park. So old fashioned and cute.

And, my favorite picure from our day.

Roller coaster for Carter.

Baby deer in the petting zoo.

My smart baby girl....."You asleep yet, brother?"

"OK, I'll just sneak on in and grab a snack."

Really cool ride.

Everything is picture perfect and sweet.

Candle dipping.....

The finished product, wrapped up.

More funky little shows throughout the park.

The large Santa tower is a slide. Didn't get to go on it this year, but it's fun!


FROGGITY! said...

OH MY GOSH! What a FUN day! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays. And everyone looks very happy! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

These pics bring back lots of good memories. Denver has been good to us!