Sunday, November 30, 2008


Everyone is home safe and sound from our trip to the mountains. Both drives - there and back - proved eventful and much longer than they have been in the past. 17 inches of snow fell during the duration of our trip and it was still snowing as we ventured home. Going, we encountered some ice and slippery roads. The new 4x4 bodied car helped and we felt much safer on the road than in past years with our 2 wheel drive Tahoe.

Our return trip included an hour long STAND STILL in I-70 due to hazardous material trucks driving through the Eisenhower Tunnel. They cannot pass through with other cars, so we wait. And, wait. And, wait. The tunnel itself is 1.7 miles long. Anticipation of that drive creates enough anxiety alone for me, as I feel very claustrophobic inside. Add a 1 hour wait on the cold road with a still-doesn't-understand-how-much-we-travel-and-spend-time-in-the-car baby girl, throwing out her own frustrations from the back seat. Not exactly the easiest drive we've taken!

Here is the tunnel:

Moving we're home now and happy to have skied a lot and we'll continue to venture out as much as possible until we move. Midwestern skiing is not anything like it is here in Colorado. So, we're enjoying it while we can!

Lots of fun pictures to post and we finally got a good one for our Christmas card, so I can cross that off my list! 3 years now living here and we never have had a ski trip picture. Now, we do!

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