Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eating With A Spoon

Every day, these little munchkins progress a bit more, taking us further and further away from babyhood. To most, this is blissful. To me, bittersweet.

Still don't know where this baby girl got her features....her big blue eyes, lashes or pouty lips!

Small meltdown waiting to I swooped in to remove the glob of applesauce from her eyelid!

This picture does not adequately measure the mess she created. We now eat applesauce in a diaper. Well, her. Not me.


Coco said...

We did the yogurt and spoon trial. And like Lainey, Tessie Mayes is eating in a diaper. And only at night does she get her spoon.

??? said...

YAY Lainey!!! :D

Even though you tried and got alot on your face...good try!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the "Speedy Burger" Bib!

FROGGITY! said...

hey! coming here from coco's blog... just saw that AWESOME wine glass! :)

let me just say: precious little one you have there! cheers!