Friday, November 03, 2006

Patient Kitty

We took Batman into the vet yesterday for a full exam. He seems to be in good health....has been sneezing a lot (sounds weird to say that about a cat).....but it's not uncommon to adopt a cat from a rescue shelter and it have a bit of a cold. He'll be fine.

Upon meeting the vet, Carter made it clear to everyone just how tough this cat will have to be.....this is what he said:

"Batman is a trick cat. He can land on his feet no matter how high up you drop him from. Even when he does FLIPS!"

Sweet kitty....he better be tough and have a great tolerance for little boys. Jack loves him, too, and grabs at him anytime he's near.


The Rand's said...

It looks like love! So glad Carter is enjoying Batman. Hope Batman is enjoying Carter just as much! :)

cuellar family said...

hi carter,

I like your kitty. Your pictures are pretty. I love you.


starnes family said...


Hey, Sam. I love you and you're very sweet. And, are you OK?

I love you, Selena!

Selena, bye!!!!!

Boo! For Halloween.