Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jack And Batman

Jack and Batman are really getting acquainted now that Batman is claw-less and safer for him to be around. While Blake and Carter went skiing today, I stayed back home with the baby to keep him out of the snow and to get some things done around the house.

So, I put Jack in his papasan chair and turned on his favorite "Elmo, Babies and Dogs" video and that bought me about 30 minutes of time to run around the house doing all the things I need to do that are easier done without a baby on my hip. I'm at the computer downloading pictures and hear Jack grunting his famous grunt that suggests he's uncomfortable or annoyed with something. After a few more grunts, I go into the living room to find this....

Batman trying very hard to cuddle with the baby! Jack is trying to sleep and has no interest in the company.

Here he is waking and looking at me urging me to do something.

Semi-smiling, but still not happy with the situation!

And, then later in the afternoon, I needed another baby free 30 minutes, so back to the papasan Jack went. I'm again running around the house and eventually make it back to the living room only to find the two of them this time cuddled up together, Jack with his hand embracing the kitty.

Both of them seem content!


Anonymous said...

Can I trade cats? I always wanted a lap cat.

Anonymous said...

Cutest thing EVER!!!