Monday, March 18, 2013

Caroline's Visit, Part I

I have so much to post about!  Lots and lots of pictures from our visit with Caroline. 

Saw Oz the Great and Powerful with her on Tuesday.  It was so good!  Totally exceeded our expectations and I can't wait to see it again.

The highlight of Caroline's visit was an adventure out of town.  We headed to the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA for some serious ghost hunting.

And, serious ghost hunters need serious gear.  Here they are opening it:

Water bottle for hydration, flash light to see, watch for time stamps, and a pad of paper for observations.

Jack takes this all very seriously.

Out for a late dinner the night we arrived.  Pizza!

At some point, someone or something wrote "pizza" on Jack's paper. 


And, upon arriving back to the hotel, we discovered all the pillows were tossed to the floor.

Crazy ghosts!  The littles wanted to call security. 

Time for bed.

Nope, not yet!

Caroline and I settled in for some quiet time sans kids.  One of my favorite parts of her visits.

Disneyland secrets?  It's like they left the magazine just for us!

We ate breakfast at a local diner and then walked a bit before the heat took over.

Visited a local museum.

Nope, those are not prescription glasses.  Just for fun.

This is what my purse looks like an hour into one of our walks.

Caroline's Toms, Lainey's kitties and more.

Our favorite part of the trip.....a visit to the Downtown Bookstore.

The owner showed us pictures from previous paranormal encounters and professional ghost hunting excursions.

And, while chatting with her, a man named Robert Gunter chimed in.

Robert Gunter wrote one of our favorite movies, The Sandlot.  We were star struck!  Chatted with him for a long time.  Super nice guy.

Next stop, Casey's Cupcakes!

Reese's for Carter, peep for Lainey, dark chocolate for Jack, beach ball for me and lemon & coconut for Caroline.


This place won Cupcake Wars recently.  Darling little shop with locations in Irvine, Newport Beach and one opening soon in another spot. 

I love this picture.  So many of my favorite people all in one place, having fun.

The hotel was amazing.  Amazing!

And, the pool was inviting since it was 80+ degrees outside.

We even had an in-house barista!

And, some mischief from Jack and Lainey.

I'll stop there.....more to come tomorrow.

Oh, but I do love this picture of Caroline photo-bombing me.  Funny girl.

Lots more to post about.  Soon!


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

What a beautiful place! I sure wish spring arrives in the Midwest soon! Seeing your photos makes me want warm, sunny weather now rather than later.

Jo said...

One word only: AWESOME!

Dee Stephens said...

That hotel does look amazing and I'm jealous ya'll were swimming in the pool! I'm so ready!!
Love the glasses on the kiddos too!

Jodee Leader said...

Oh my word! What a fun trip! That cupcake place looks amazing!