Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jack's Life

With so many changes ahead and our baby becoming a middle child after just 16 short months of life, I've tried very hard to chronicle his babyhood and make notes in his book.

I was told by a million people that you only do such things for your first, but somehow we've kept the momentum going. Perhaps it's because we knew at 7 months his life was to change so drastically. The thought of missing anything with his development simply wasn't an option. Or, maybe it's just part of my neurotic personality.

So, for me, the pictures are effortless. I do it anyway and love few things more than to photograph our children. And, luckily, they oblige.

I've collected a few over the past 3 weeks or so of Jack's daily life. Here they are:

One of his favorite things to do. Removing the trash from the pantry and sliding it from room to room.

Emptying the refrigerator and inspecting food for spoiling. Reloading the refrigerator is not always guaranteed.

Taking a break to view a bit of Nemo....the current soundtrack of our lives.

Reading with Batman.

I'm pretty sure Batman got sick of Jack, claimed the book and is doing some sort of derogatory motion here towards the sweet baby.

Pushing or riding his Elmo car from room to room, stopping occasionally to try very hard to put it on top of furniture.

Playing inside the armoire.

And, taking time out to pet Batman.

Helping Dad with anything he's doing. Here, they're working on assembling the new fire pit for the back yard.


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