Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We left the hospital on Monday at 1:00 or so and arrived home to a full house. Steve and Britney and Brad had gone to great lengths to wash sheets and towels and to clean everything. It was a real treat to return to our home in such great shape.

Carter greeted us with wonderful enthusiasm as always. He couldn't wait to see his baby sister. He's already protective of her....even more so than with Jack and in an already apparent big brotherly way. He even warned Trysten at the hospital....after T simply said he wanted to hold her....."Trysten, it's not like you can be all over her."

Our first night was chaotic and we were given a good dose of what it will be like to juggle two, and that was with Britney and Steve's help!!!! Jack hasn't been sleeping well and Lainey is getting familiar with her new environment.....so needless to say, a strong cup of coffee was in order upon waking.

We go in tomorrow morning for Lainey's first check up and then a busy week follows including Carter's first Religious Education class, Flag Football, and more.

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