Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home From The Hospital

Trying to keep things in order here because I, of course, have a ton of pictures from Lainey's birth. This group is of us departing from the hospital and arriving home. Such a great day!

Darling Lainey getting ready for her first photo shoot, the hospital pictures.

Blake buckling her in for the ride home.

Can this be right? How tiny does she look?!

Proud parents.

The troops greet baby girl.

Always proud Carter posing with his baby sister.

And, Jack....."But I didn't want a sister!!!!" I'm kidding, of course....these tears were brought on by something else.

This picture brings tears to my eyes. He's exhausted here and falling asleep, but I can't help but think he's taking his first look at Lainey actually IN OUR HOUSE and wondering who she is and how come he's not the baby anymore!

More inspection.

Pa and grandkids.


Carter checking out the darling edible arrangement sent to us by Jen the day we arrived home. We loved it!

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Carrie said...

OK, tears started on me too with the picture of Jack being so tired. It does look like he is sad that he isn't the baby anymore! You know, all the kids are still babies...they are your babies and it doesn't matter who is youngest. I just love your family of 5! I came from a family of 5 and was the only girl and it was the BEST!!