Monday, September 17, 2007

Lainey, Lainey, Lainey

Well, it's all Lainey all the time around here right now. Steve, Britney and Brad have been in town helping out immensely with the boys. Blake and I have been at the hospital recovering and watching Lainey. Ready to go home tomorrow and we'll likely be dismissed in the morning. Our care has been wonderful, the hospital has been lovely mainly due to being brand new, and the doctors have been great. No complaints!

Steve and company have gone to great lengths to keep the boys busy during their stay. Jack was fussy the first couple of days, but thankfully took a turn for the better last night and was his usual goofy self today. They've been on the Estes Park Saturday afternoon and evening.....the ESPN Zone in Denver today for some football.

Both Trysten and Carter are playing flag football right now, so it's slightly easier to talk them into such events like the ESPN Zone. However, it's unlikely they spent more than 2 minutes watching a game because that would require they take some time off from annoying each other and consequently the people directly around them.

A few more pictures from our hospital stay....

Debbie with new baby Lainey.

And, her precious girls.

Lindsey LOVES babies, like most little girls.

Carter is so attentive to Lainey.

Lainey arrived one day before Pa's birthday. What a gift!
All the cousins.
Not too many closer than Trysten and Carter.


Linda said...

You are amazing! I wasn't expecting an update for a few days "after" you got home from the hospital! I just checked for the heck of it, and here you are with pictures and everything. She is beautiful, just like her mother. I remember your mom and grandmother looking just like you! And "what" a nice family you married into. Of course Blake is the best, but his dad, sister and brother are all sweet too. Lainey is sure to get the best from all of you! ENJOY!

starnes family said...

A few days? Do you think I would have sat still for that long? I have had a few other people write with the same comments....."Did Casey post pictures while giving birth?" No, but I thought about it. :)

Anonymous said...

Lindsey looks like a natural mum, love to get her in bed and give her a baby but I want to practice LOTS first, I LOVE little girls