Monday, September 24, 2007

First Day On The Job

Blake returned to work today after many weeks with us at home, either playing Mr. Mom or helping with my recovery. So, with Carter in school, I'm left with Jack and Lainey. We had a practice run on Saturday night while Blake went down the street to visit with friends. An hour into the night, he was back home helping me find the Mylicon Drops after a near breakdown on my part due to Lainey screaming and Jack, who is ALWAYS screaming.

Lainey is a newborn, so her crying is to be expected. Sweet Jack is taking a while adjusting to life with a baby sister and seems to be in what I hope is the peak of his moodiness. I'm afraid that it's going to get worse before it gets better, however. This is a lot of change for him to handle. Poor guy!

In speaking with a very good friend of mine, Millie, from college, she compared life at home with 3 little ones to a triage clinic. It's totally chaotic and you just have to tend to those bleeding first. I like that. She is far braver than me, though, with 3 kids ages 3 and under. My hero!!!!

So, no breakdowns at this point, but it's only 1:00pm. Hoping for continued success with mild panic attacks here and there, but I'm trying to be realistic.


Shannon said...

I had a panic attack just reading this. Yeeps! You may need some help with Jack as that's a tough age - mother's day out maybe?

Anonymous said...

You are super Mom! This is a hiccup in your road and will be OK here in a few weeks. Baby Jack too will adjust to this new sweet baby. You hang in there and you will be out of the house in no time wrangling all three!